National Writers Union: NY
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Who we are: 
The New York Chapter of the National Writers Union represents freelance writers & editors in the greater NY area. Together we work to advance the working economic, social, and political status of writers across the nation. Click here for more...

Why do we need a writers union? 
Writers must organize to fight the power of corporate content mills who pay a pittance for our labor. The NWU Pay the Writer Campaign and other initiatives are fighting for fair compensation for writers. Click here for more...

Services for our Members:
Our members are knowledgeable about every aspect of the publishing industry, and how those trends are affecting writers and writing projects.We offer -

The NWU has helped writers recover unpaid fees. We offer several online listserves that give the writer advice on any topic related to writing.  

​Join the NWU: 
Membership dues are based on the writer's income level. 
Starting cost is $10.00/month. To join, click here.

March 25 -   Remember the Triangle Fire - We Are All Workers
March 26 -   OSM! 3rd Anniversary Forum/Conversation
March 26 -   Poetry Reading - Garrett Buhl Robinson
March 28 -   2015 National Black Writers Conference                                            Biennial Symposium (NBWC)
April 6 -       First Monday Program - Copyrights and Contracts 
April 11-25   Insights into Book Publishing, with literary agent 
                   Gary Heidt of Signature Literary Agency
April 12 -     NEC's Year of the Woman, Plays in Reading
                   A Photograph: Lovers in Motion by Ntozake Shange
April 13 -     Reading of Zoey, The Musical by Garrett Buhl Robinson
April 16 -     NWU-NY Steering Committee meeting - all
                   members welcome
April 17-18   Advancing Worker Rights Conference NYC
April 19 -     Poetry reading by Bolade Shola Akintolayo
April 21 -     Outreach to Members - A Phone Bank Evening
April 23 -     Book Launch, Valdivia Beauchamp
                   My Mesopotamia Notes
April 27 -     Reading of The Green Book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey
May 3 -        Book Signing - Nuria Garcia Arteaga
May 7 -        PEN World Voices Festival, Finding Security in Unsafe                        Passages: UN Event about Protecting Journalists’
                   Safety and Rights
May 16         Louis Reyes Rivera Annual Tribute
June 6 -       New York Book Fair - Featuring the city's best
                   independent publishers and booksellers.
Aug 15-16    The Dissident Arts Festival
NWU members at the 2014 Harlem Book Fair
NWU Annual Picnic at Riverside Park 
Holiday Party 2014
No Fast Track

Everyone is strongly encouraged to call their legislators in opposition to fast track.  

Fast Track is a serious compromise to the division of power in our governing system and places legislators in a position where they must vote on bills that they cannot read.